In this version, we have made several improvements, most of which are invisible to you as a user. We have for example prepared CABAS for the upcoming VIN code search service that will be introduced in a separate release on 12 December.

After reading, you will be able to access the Release Notes in CABAS by clicking on the “Release information” icon in the top right corner in the top menu bar.

Summary, Release Notes, November

  • CABAS: Changes in integrations with DMS

CABAS: Changes in integrations with DMS

As a step in improving our integrations with various business systems, CAB recently introduced a new version of our DMS integration (version 2). This meant, for example, that the list price and discount sent from DMS can be displayed in the specification. Following this release, our integrations will only support the new version.

If a workshop is still using the old version, an error message will appear:

If this should happen, you will need to contact your IT manager and your DMS supplier to upgrade your integration to version 2.