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We are introducing a number of new features in CABAS in the February release. These include an archiving service for calculations. Another major change is that we have now made it possible for a CABAS user to turn off the system’s automatic paint selection.
We are also introducing some other new features, which you can read more about below.

After reading, you will be able to access the Release Notes in CABAS by clicking on the “Release information” icon in the top right corner in the top menu bar.

Summary, Release Notes February

CABAS: Introduction of Archiving service in CABAS
CABAS: Potential to turn off the system's automatic paint selection individually

Summary, Release Notes February (development for insurance companies)

CABAS: Potential to filter all received calculations by “sent by another company”

CABAS: Introduction of the Archiving service in CABAS

In previous Release Notes and newsletters, we have provided information about the Archiving service in CABAS. And now it’s finally time!
So how does the Archiving service work?
Calculations that are more than 10 years old are automatically cleared from CAB’s storage location. Calculations that are between 3 and 10 years old automatically end up in the archive. Note that the time (the age of the calculation) is counted from the date when the calculation was last changed!

You can choose to also search among archived calculations by selecting the “Include archived” checkbox below the “Search” button (1 in the image above).
The search results show all the hits for the search criterion; archived calculations for which more than three years have passed since the last change (2 in the image above) are marked as “Archived” in the Archive status column.
Archived calculations can only be opened as PDFs or saved as PDFs in their own storage location (3 in the image above).

What is included in an archived calculation (PDF)?
An archived calculation contains all the specifications that make up the calculation result in CABAS today (1 in the image below), all the photos attached in the calculation (2 in the image below) and a new report presenting the calculation history (3 in the image below)

Please note that we will also be adding attached documents to the PDFs of archived calculations in the next CABAS release (21.4).

Important information regarding the new archiving of estimates in CABAS
In archiving there will not be too much visible in the nearest future when doing a search among all estimates including archived estimates. The search result may show a lot of estimates older than three years (which therefore should be archived) without having got the archive status Archived in column Archive status.

The reason for that is that the archiving engine which shall process more than 15 million of estimates existing in CABAS, will (so we have estimated) have to work for more than one year before it reaches today’s production of estimates.

All estimates which yet haven’t got the status Archived may be opened and edited as usual in CABAS.

CABAS: Potential to turn off the system’s automatic paint selection individually

As a CABAS user, you now have the opportunity to take personal control of the paint calculation in CABAS. If you disable “Automatic paint selection”, you need to remember to make ALL the paint selections in the system yourself. Note that you are only turning off “Automatic paint selection” at user level – NOT for the entire organisation. To disable the “Automatic paint selection” system support in CABAS:

Go to Settings (1) and then proceed to Users (2). Select the Settings tab (3) and tick the checkbox (red arrow) for “Turn off automatic paint selection”. Click OK to save your change.
Remember that, as a CABAS user, you are responsible for the content of the calculation!

CABAS: Potential to filter all received calculations by “sent by another company”

In this release, we have improved the search functionality for CABAS messages. You can now also search for calculations that insurance companies have sent to other companies.

When you want to search for calculations that have been received from another insurance company, select “Transfer calculation” in Message type (1 in the image above), “Received” in Direction (3 in the image above), and then either a workshop or an insurance company in Sender (2 in the image above). Previously, it was only possible to search among workshops in the Sender field. This new feature will be very helpful for insurance companies that need to receive and search for calculations from other insurance companies.

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