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Kuralink for insurance companies

Kuralink, formerly known as Boka Doktorn, is an established platform used by both large and small businesses. Kuralink offers insurance companies a unique, nationwide search engine in a private care network. Through Kuralink, the customer can be offered rapid booking of care, an effective rehabilitation plan and other health-promoting services.
The platform comprises an intuitive web interface for handling claims through functions such as booking, appointment tickets, communication, customer surveys, cost control and invoice management. The sharing of sensitive information, and communication regarding the following-up of care appointments with direct messaging between network partners and affiliated care providers and patients, is performed in a safe and secure flow.

Choosing Kuralink offers a number of benefits.

Easy to offer the customer a care guarantee to ensure a more satisfied customer.

Complete overview of the entire care chain.

Effective communication with care provider.

The transparency in the platform that offers a complete overview of the entire care chain
stems from knowledge

We know how to create the conditions for working effectively and gathering relevant information, where you as a company have complete control over and can follow up what happens in the claim.


The handling of cases, following-up and completed treatments, with cost control and invoicing as the final step, all take place within one and the same claim. The preconditions for booking are known from the outset, and you can follow the customer journey from start to finish.


The customer is closely involved in the creation of a claim, in the form of notifications via text message and e-mail containing booking information. If necessary, the patient can change or cancel their appointment via a link. As a care client, you decide what administrative authority the customer is to have in the booking process.


Questions regarding the use of the platform are answered in the support portal and online manuals, as well as through training. As our customer, you have access to user manuals 24 hours a day. We also have a staffed, free technical support service on weekdays.

All communication in the platform is encrypted and data is stored securely in accordance with the Patient Data Act and GDPR

To gain access to Kuralink, care providers require authentication via a BankID and/or HSA-ID card.

Functions and usability in the platform.

The search function

Search among your procured healthcare providers.

In Kuralink, you can filter your booking search for the customer based on relevant parameters.

Business planning

The basic offer for Kuralink includes statistical reports, where you can pick out standard reports.

A standard report consists of e.g.:
  • Completed appointments
  • Booked appointments.

You can gain access to more data using the additional service Business Intelligence Reports. Read more under the Additional services External link. tab.


Kuralink consists of a number of functions that can be managed to meet your operational needs.

This management includes:

  • User settings at authorisation level.
  • Settings for company information, such as insurance instructions etc.
  • Management of automated processes.


In Kuralink, you can customise the types of notifications that are sent out to the customer and the type of information these will contain.

Let the customer manage their booking

Your customers gain access to a separate interface through notifications via text message and e-mail. They can access their booking information in the customer portal, where they can manage their appointments. All activities carried out by the customer are registered with the relevant claim.

Information in the customer portal includes:

  • Form of appointment.
  • The name of the care provider.
  • Excess.
  • Other contact details with map function.

The customer portal can be adapted to the business through company-specific colours and logos.


In Kuralink, you can create a claim easily based on your business-specific settings.

You can choose to create a direct booking or an appointment ticket.
The appointment ticket can be allocated directly to the customer to manage their booking themselves, or be allocated to a clinic for them to implement the booking with a suitable resource.


Using this function, you as an insurance company can expand the communication with the care provider for the claim.

The function is used for:

  • Uploading documents and files.
  • Communicating directly with the care provider in the claim using messaging.
  • Receiving referrals and quotation requests regarding treatment options and surgery.

Additional services in the platform

Statistical reports

Through Business Intelligence (BI) reports, you are gaining a powerful computer tool for viewing and predicting trends and working more efficiently with business planning.

Everything that happens within Boka Doktorn can be used to obtain valuable statistics in areas such as:


Through QAM, you can receive automated and quality-assured invoices from care providers immediately after the completion of treatments.

The invoices are matched against the applicable agreement and you can choose for them to be paid automatically.

QAM can be integrated with your claim system.

Customer satisfaction survey

The Customer satisfaction survey is a patient survey that is sent out on behalf of care providers and/or insurance companies.

This type of data is found in the BI reports and is available in the form of statistical information.

Which systems can Kuralink be integrated with

Integration enables the automatic transfer of information between Kuralink and claims management systems.

A large proportion of our customers only use our platform to handle insurance cases, while others have Kuralink integrated with their claims management system.

Integration is carried in those cases where this is possible.

BDC Care - Video service

BDC Care offers safe and secure digital care meetings.

The product can be used by care planning, for example, in connection with the customer reporting a claim in order to make a qualified assessment of needs.

Read more about BDC Care here. External link.


The register is a tool providing a comprehensive overview of your suppliers’ offerings in the form of services and specialisms.

The supplier register gives you a powerful tool for managing your network in Kuralink.
Kuralink has a global article register, which simplifies the procurement of new and updated agreements.

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