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Kuralink was founded 16 years ago, at that time under the name of Boka Doktorn, with a strong focus on developing digital technology to streamline communications regarding bookings for patients with private health insurance. The aim was to create value for private care providers and insurance companies by relieving them of administrative duties and saving them time.
Since then, our platform has been developed to deliver a holistic solution that collaborates to streamline organisations at multiple levels with the aid of digital technology. In addition to bookings, communication, document management, digital invoicing and the handling of referrals, the platform also offers a customer portal where the patient can follow up their own case.
The platform recently changed its name from Boka Doktorn to Kuralink!
On this page you can lean about our history, our values and meet the entire team behind Kuralink. If you are using your mobile phone, you can read about our history here instead.

Our history

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We share the same core values as our parent company.
These are:

Commitment to the customer,
A great place to work and Innovation for success!

Commitment to the customer

We work with a genuine focus on the customer, which is all about making a difference for the customer and getting their business to grow. For us, the customer is also our greatest asset when it comes to product development, and is involved in various ways to ensure a common direction for Kuralink going forward. Through our regular meetings with reference groups consisting of care providers and care clients, we are able to define needs and have the scope to discuss the sector, and consequently the continuing development of Kuralink’s platform. We are also creating the conditions for continuous feedback from our customers through our customer satisfaction surveys and our staffed support.
We nurture our customer relationships and are striving to achieve long-term, transparent collaborations. We embody customer focus in everything we do, so that wherever we go, we go there together.

A great place to work

We believe in each other!
When our colleagues get to grow and take up their position, the company also grows. Together, we are now an ambitious and professional team of 24 employees who take our work duties very seriously, but who place just as much value in shared activities such as joint breakfasts, going for a run together and other enjoyable staff activities.

Together we embrace an inclusive and familiar environment, where we believe in diversity, respect differences and we have a lot of fun together.
For us, “a great place to work” is simply a fantastic workplace! A place to long for when we want to get out of the home office or simply to recharge our batteries.

Innovation for success

Innovative and entrepreneurial driving forces are part of our DNA, which permeates the way we work. This is reflected in our transparent working method within the company, all the way from the management team to each individual colleague. Our corporate culture provides the conditions for new approaches and ideas to take their place. This means that we are happy to take on new challenges, which we enjoy solving together and alongside our customers.

We know that skills and ambition come in different forms, and that diversity provides us with the conditions to be a dynamic workplace that encourages creativity and innovation. Both for the individual and for us as a team. We believe that all our colleagues possess creative abilities that can contribute to development.

Here we are, maybe your future colleagues!

Sales and Marketing

Karsten Kvamme

Head of Sales and Marketing

Mikael Skiöldhake

Senior Product Specialist

Andrés Küchler

Key Account Manger

Filippa Malmgren

Account Manager

Allan Röschmann

Country Manager

Mina Papraniku

Digital Marketer

Elin Eriksson

Senior Sales Manager


Patrik Johansson

Product Manager

Oscar Hallberg

Cheif Architect

Björn Karlfeldt

Development Manager

Per Ljung

Software Developer

Jakob Hägg

Software Developer

Martin Elfast

Software Developer

Peter Wennerholm

Software Developer

Morgan Johansson

Software Developer

Ulrika Johansson

Software Developer, SGX-Journalsystem

Patrik Thölin

Software Developer, SGX-Journalsystem

Elin Johansson

Software Developer

Pontus Haglund

Software Developer

Project managment

Jonathan Viström

System Tester

Tim Carlsson

System Tester

Maria Patriksson

Support Technician

Marisa Sales

Kuralink - Support Technician

Rasmus Wennmo

SGX-Journalsystem - Support Technician

Tor Friman


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