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Kuralink - BDC Care

Suddenly we were able to do everything digitally, without having to call either the contact people at the insurance company or the patient.

Meet the dermatologists at GHM

When did you become a Kuralink customer?

- In 2009. Initially, we were two doctors who only worked part-time in private healthcare. We didn't have a secretary and a lot of valuable time was spent managing the administrative parts of the business. The phone times and paperwork to name two examples, all written by hand.

Kuralink Superuserutbildning

You've just started using our e-billing service. What do you think of the new way of working?

The e-invoice service has been long awaited. Now you can suddenly create and send an invoice in 30 seconds throug Kuralink. Before, we filled out forms from the insurance companies and sent these to our economist who filled in the same information again in another financial system and then he in turn sent this information to the insurance companies. Today, the same work is done in a few clicks in the system.

How has the connection to Kuralink created value for you?

- We discovered that all communication with the insurance companies was smooth in Kuralink (Boka Doktorn). It simplified processes in contact with insurance companies, which at the time constituted a large part of our business. Suddenly we were able to do everything digitally, without calling either the contact persons at the insurance company or the patient.

All calls and manual work were automated. Everything's going faster. In the past, you could spend hours searching for the right person over the phone, sometimes you had to call around to different people to get to the person you were really looking for. Now you come directly to the person you are looking for via Book the Doctor.

How does BDC Care create value for you as a healthcare provider and your patients?

Watch the full interview to find out how GHM works with BDC Care and how they use the included web booking system.
OBS! The iterview is in sweidish.

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