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Our Customers

BDC Care

It was easy to get started with BDC Care.

How do you think digital care with BDC Care works?

We joined the service in March 2020, so it's still new to us.
It was easy to get started with BDC Care. I quickly got feedback. I have also had the same service-oriented contact person with you, which feels good!

When the way of working with digital care began to spread, I and many others thought "can physiotherapists really meet patients via link"? Today we know that it is going perfectly well. We are grateful that we have a tool that, despite the obstacles in pandemic times, enables us to work towards our vision "to meet, inspire and guide the individual in the development towards better health".

How do you use BDC Care today and what value does it create in your professional practice?

I use BDC Care primarily for examination and take medical history. My profession includes counseling and treatment. Both deals can be offered digitally. In cases where the treatment must be carried out on bunks with us, the patient may come to the clinic. We have also used the service to send a survey that the patient can answer before the first visit, regardless of whether the meeting itself should take place digitally or physically.

Yrselcentrum BDC Care

What is your general approach to healthcare through digital meetings?

The benefits are above all that you have options if you are a risk group and cannot come physically. Those of us who treat patients digitally are happy to see how easily patients are switching to being treated digitally instead of physically. Our oldest patient is 73 years old and felt insecure about the technology at first. With our help, they got started and gained a completely different self-confidence. The patient was very pleased that they were able to do this. We contribute indirectly to integrating this group of people into the digital landscape. This creates value for us as well as for the patient.

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