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Occupational health care

Kuralink became an obvious choice for us as the platform meets all safety requirements

We have talked to the staff at Comveritas Företagshälsa to find out what value Kuralink creates in their work with occupational health care.

Introduction of Comveritas:

Comveritas is a nationwide company that works in the areas of work environment and rehabilitation. Their goal is to work proactively with their occupational health efforts. For Comveritas, this means focusing on preventing and eliminating health risks in the workplace and identifying and describing the relationship between work environment, organisation and health. They have been Booking Doctor clients since autumn 2019.

When and why did you choose to join Kuralink's platform?

Kuralink blev ett självklart val för oss då plattformen uppfyller alla krav kring säkerhet, har ett brett nätverk av specialister och erbjuder transparens i allt som sker från att ett ärende skapas till att det avslutas.

How do you use the platform for your work today?

We create cases in the platform. As a rule, we never book appointments directly to healthcare providers, instead we send visiting tickets so that our partners can assign the case to the right resource based on the customer's symptoms or a specified order. The caregivers decide which specialty is suitable for handling that particular case.

What do the most common assignments look like?

We work largely with bookings of health checks involving doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists.

Companies contact us when they want health promotion efforts. Our dialogue with the clients often starts with the managers who give us the assignments. It is also those who must approve the individual's order.

Which features do you use the most?

Visitor tickets (besöksbiljetter) are an important feature for us because it's a damage case that's not resource or timed, and the messaging feature is fantastic!
It is easy to search directly on the case room and get an overview of everything that has happened. Everything is saved and documented in one message. We like that you can attach files in the damage case and we can do this either via the notification function in the damage case or upload the files in the document tab.

How do you get in touch with caregivers?

We have our own partners who offer corporate health in Kuralink. Our network is constantly increasing so if you are a healthcare provider in the platform that offers corporate health, you can contact us.

What does the future look like for Comveritas in the platform?

We would like to expand our network especially in some smaller locations in Sweden. We feel safe and secure to grow with Kuralink. Then we have plans to expand the business in other ways, but we hope to be able to tell you more about that in the future.

Visit Comveritas on the web, click here External link.

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