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Boka Doktorn becomes Kuralink

Boka Doktorn’s platform is changing its name to Kuralink at the same time as we are changing the name of the company to CAB Healthcare AB and introducing a new graphic profile.
“Our new name for the brand platform, Kuralink, is a way for us to clarify our offer, first and foremost. This is something we have been working on for a long time,” says Tor Friman, CEO.

Why are we changing the name of the platform?

The change of name has been in progress for a long time. We were well on the way back in 2016, but lacked capacity in terms of expertise and time. We started up the work again in 2020, putting into practice a strategic initiative aimed at updating the brand profile on several levels. Our aim was to do the thing we had lacked internally and had felt a need for – to find a name that better relates to what we offer and that also works internationally. This work has been ongoing for a year, but it is only now that we are presenting the results in the form of a new name and a new logo for the brand platform, as well as a new graphic profile.

What does Kuralink mean?

There is a clear thought process behind the new logo. The heart in the new logo is an evolution of Boka Doktorn’s logo, at the same time as being reminiscent of an @ sign.
The wordmark Kuralink is a fusion of the Swedish word Kur (which translates as “cure”) and the English word Link. Together, they will communicate the platform’s offering – digital technology that links care providers and care clients in assignments in the field of health and medical care, with full transparency from the time that the need for care emerges until the patient has been fully treated.

The response to Kuralink has been positive, both from customers and employees.

Before announcing the name change in the middle of June, we communicated Kuralink internally and to our customers. The response has been very positive. The information has been distributed in stages to our customers, with the primary message being that the change is purely about profiling and branding, and that we remain the same company with the same staff, platform and services.

“We have great ambitions and want to grow both in terms of functionality and on the market. To succeed in this, a clear brand is essential. Now that we are in the middle of an implementation and management phase, we have the conditions we need to load our brand with multiple associations and with the values that we provide to our customers through our technology. We are extremely optimistic about the launch of Kuralink as our new platform name,” says Tor Friman, CEO.

Tor Friman, VD Cab Care AB

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Tor Friman CEO ,CAB Healthcare AB.
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