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If P&C Insurance AS Chooses CABAS as Repair Cost Calculation System in the Baltics

If P&C Insurance AS has chosen CABAS as the calculation system for vehicle damage in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The agreement means that CABAS becomes the common system on all three Baltic markets for If. The implementation takes place in collaboration with CAB Group's partner Benefit AS and is expected to be completed by the end of May.

CAB Group and If P&C Insurance AS have signed an agreement for CABAS to be the primary system for calculating vehicle repair costs in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. CABAS is already the market standard in Estonia, and interest from the other Baltic countries has been steadily increasing from both repair shops and insurance companies. If will now become the first insurance company to choose CABAS as a common system across all three markets.

If has been using CABAS in Estonia since 2009. The company will now consolidate the management of damage repair costs into a single platform for all the Baltic countries and will gradually phase out other systems.

Tõnu Tammiste is the partner responsible for claims at If Baltics.

- We see great advantages in consolidating everything into a Nordic-Baltic platform and have had good experiences with CAB's systems in Estonia for many years. CABAS gives us greater control and proprietary rights over our calculation data. We also see that our relationship with CAB gives us better possibilities to influence how the product will be developed in the future.

The agreement includes the delivery of CABAS to If in Latvia and Lithuania, CABAS Heavy for heavy vehicles on all three Baltic markets, Damage Inspection Booking Portal for web-based self-service damage inspection booking, and CAB AutoReply as an optional service (AutoReply is a robot processing application for automatic review of repair cost calculations). Tuukka Pulkkinen is the key account manager for the Baltic markets at CAB.

- It is very pleasant that If has chosen to consolidate its vehicle damage management in CABAS. We estimate that about 100 to 150 new workshop customers will start using CABAS this year in the Baltic markets, so we have a large and exciting task ahead of us to deliver CABAS and train new users.

The delivery will be started immediately, and it is planned to be completed by the end of May this year. The delivery will be carried out in cooperation with CAB Group's Baltic partner Benefit AS.


CABAS is a comprehensive system for estimation of repair times for damaged vehicles. The system provides a detailed database for various repair procedures for most car models, enabling quick and accurate cost calculations. CABAS also facilitates communication between workshops and insurance companies, which leads to shorter lead times and smoother claims handling.

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