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Our products

Take control of time

Through our systems and services, standardized times are produced for repair, diagnosis and service that provide control and effective follow-up of costs in the vehicle aftermarket.

Our products for car manufacturers

CAB Time Analysis

CAB Time Analysis is a web-based production system for the production of standard times for the repair and maintenance of vehicles. With CAB Time Analysis, you do not require access to hardware in the development process for your vehicles. The tools provide you with the standard times you need. You rapidly receive reliable times that can be used for the development process of a new product or to develop a design proposal that leads to an improvement to the repair options for the product. We have gathered information about thousands of repairs around the world, and this forms the basis for CAB Time Analysis. We have measured the time, looked at all the constituent elements and analyzed how they relate to each other, down to screw and nut level. This work results in the basic times, or the time formula tool, comprising the basis for CAB Time Analysis.

Consulting services

Through our German subsidiary, we produce standard times on behalf of a number of car manufacturers around the world and offer consulting services that help car manufacturers optimize their repair methods. This is in order to shorten the repair times and thus the costs of warranty cases. If you want to know more about how we help car manufacturers, you are welcome to contact us.


Are you interested in our products and services for car manufacturers? Please contact us!

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