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Our customers


We believe in long-term collaborations with entrepreneurs

The insurance company Folksam has long used MEPS as system support for building damage claims. Tom Forsman, Head of Construction Damages, explains how MEPS facilitates communication with contractors and creates more satisfied customers.

Wide network of contractors

-MEPS is a central part of Folksam's handling of building damage. There we have a network of contractors and inspectors with whom we have agreements. Since we have the whole of Sweden as a work area, it is important to have a system where everyone gathers and works in the same way.

-When a damage to a property has been registered, an inspection takes place, which often results in the damage having to be repaired. A contractor is then assigned the task, who makes a calculation that our claims controllers check and approve before the repair starts. When the work is finished and the final calculation has been approved by us, the contractor can invoice the work.

Transparent communication

-Many parties are involved in a building damage case, so transparent and smooth communication is important to avoid misunderstandings. We notice that more and more of the communication between us and the contractors takes place in the MEPS chat function. We used to meet, or call and email, but now there is a more uniform and easier way for the whole industry.

Long-term collaborations provide satisfied customers

-The most important thing for us is that our customers receive a safe and fast service. Therefore, we believe in long-term and stable collaborations with construction companies that can help us create it. It is upsetting for the customer to suffer from, for example, water damage or fire, and then it is valuable for us to work with contractors who are used to dealing with that type of damage and who we know do a professional job. They become our outward face and part of our quest to get a satisfied customer.

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Tom Forsman Head of Construction Damage, Folksam, Örebro, Sweden

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