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MEPS for contractors

MEPS is more than a calculation tool - it's a construction service system that helps you digitize and simplify the working day. Get structure in ongoing projects, communicate smoothly with subcontractors and simplify the quotation work.

Händer lägger golv

Stable flow of orders

MEPS makes it easy to get new assignments - you collaborate long-term with your customers and get a stable flow of orders. The leading insurance companies in Sweden have MEPS as their standard system for building damage cases, which gives you as a MEPS user a competitive advantage. The same applies to orders from real estate companies, where more and more people demand that MEPS be used by their suppliers.

Get paid for what you do

With MEPS, you will no longer have to work with ongoing, uncertain calculations. Instead, you get paid for every step you take, not the time it takes to do it. MEPS delivers neutral code values ​​that determine the amount of work and you get paid according to the agreement you have with your customer. You do not have to spend unnecessary time on price discussions, and can work smarter, more efficiently and increase profitability.

Smoother collaboration with subcontractors

You can also have smooth communication with subcontractors and craftsmen who work in the field. Distribute the assignments, chat and collect documentation about the assignment in one place, where all parties have access to it.

Analysis of previous assignments

MEPS delivers data that provides the opportunity for follow-up of previous assignments. You see where you make money, you are encouraged to plan more and increase efficiency.

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