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MEPS for Insurance companies

MEPS is the leading system when it comes to handling building damage claims. It is used by all major insurance companies in Sweden and a growing number in the Nordic region. It is via MEPS that the insurance companies order jobs from contractors.

Händer lägger golv

Data for analysis

With MEPS, the insurance company gets access to data that can be used for analysis of both its own operations and those of suppliers. The data points to costs and time consumption and can be used to streamline the internal process.

Easier flow of communciation

Insurance companies, contractors and inspection companies communicate within the system. Since everything is logged, no important information will be missed. It's also easy to keep the end customer up to date with the progress of their building claim.

MEPS facilitates automation

MEPS delivers standardized and structured cost data for automation of internal processes. The data is delivered in a certain format, which creates the conditions for automatic review of costs before a decision. With an automated review process, administrators can focus on more complex cases, while increasing cost control and shortening processing time. Contact us if you want to know more about MEPS and our automated review service MEPS Autoreply at

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