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Our customers


A great tool for communication with contractors

Dalarnas Insurance has a local focus and sees MEPS as a tool to provide good service to the customer. Maria Gustavsson Sjölin, Head of Building and Private Damages, talks about the collaboration with contractors.

MEPS as decision log

We use MEPS to keep track of our costs, but also because it is a fantastic tool for communication with our contractors. We have said that all communication should take place there. Even if a decision is made by phone or on site, it must be entered in the MEPS to be documented. In this way, MEPS becomes like a log where everything is.

Collaboration with builders

We see it as necessary for all parties to participate in the collaboration in MEPS. Then it will be something that is good for both the contractors and us. It can be a bit difficult to get some subcontractors involved - many are afraid of administration time and still want to use paper and pen. But the demands on decision-making and transparency are increasing. Learning MEPS makes it easier and saves time. We can share our knowledge with the contractors we have agreements with and help them get started.

The MEPS calculation gives a clear message

It is important for us to create a good relationship with the customer. We need to be transparent and report costs, and the MEPS calculation is designed so that the customer can clearly see how much everything costs. When the contractors document the work and upload photos directly in MEPS, we can make faster decisions and the customer gets a faster reply. MEPS is an investment that is good for both the contractor, us and the customer.

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Maria Gustavsson Sjölin Head of Construction and Private Damages, Dalarnas Försäkringsbolag, Falun, Sweden

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