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Our customers


Communication in MEPS is a great advantage

Mattias Gutegård is claims manager at Dina Försäkringar Insurance and describes the company as simple, committed and close. MEPS is a central part of the management of construction damage and leads to faster decisions and faster responses to the customer.

A common workspace

- For us, MEPS is a tool that helps the whole team to work in the same direction. MEPS is a common workspace where we gather everything; inspection reports, calculations and documentation. It is easy for a colleague to go in and look into the matter. Our vulnerability in the event of temporary absence decreases.

Everyone knows their part in the collaboration

- We are simple, committed and close as a company. We work with entrepreneurs that we have attached to us, and many of them are in smaller towns. But it is not difficult to find either contractors or subcontractors working in MEPS nowadays. Many are better at the system than ourselves. The big advantage of MEPS arises when everyone involved works together - the builder does his calculation, the painter enters his codes and the plumber enters his. In this way, everyone gets control over their own part.

Better communication

- The communication has had a great positive effect and especially that it is possible to chat in real time. This leads to faster decisions and faster responses to the customer. The clear documentation in MEPS makes it easier to communicate with the customer and, for example, explain why certain costs have arisen.

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Mattias Gutegård Claims Manager, Dina Försäkringar Göta, Jönköping

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