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Our customers


MEPS increases our competitiveness

EBAB Byggservice has broad expertise, with insurance claims as one of its specialist areas. For EBAB, MEPS is a way to increase competitiveness, as many customers demand that jobs be handled in MEPS. CEO Bengt-Erik Persson tells their story.

MEPS as a means of competition

- We at EBAB have worked in Meps for several years, and it has helped us a lot. It has become a means of competition, as many customers require the contractor to work in MEPS. They want smooth flows and clear spreadsheets without surprises.

Easy to report jobs

- For us, MEPS becomes almost like an accounting program. I report what I did and it shows what money came out of it.

Everything is documented in the same place

- Communication is facilitated because everything that happens in an assignment is written down in the chat or is documented on the document surface with pictures and GVK documents. It can be hard to call - it's busy and people are sitting in the car. But MEPS means that there is no risk of missing a call or forgetting something. Our customers can see and read for themselves, and then pass the information on to the end customer.

Citat tecken

Bengt-Erik Persson CEO, EBAB Building Services, Lindesberg, Sweden

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