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We are introducing several changes in CABAS in the May release. We have also fixed a number of bugs and made performance improvements in the system.

After reading, you will be able to access the Release Notes in CABAS by clicking on the “Release information” icon in the top right corner in the top menu bar.

Summary, Release Notes, May

CABAS: Update to 64-bit client
CABAS: New data source for VIN-verified vehicle information
CABAS: New subcontractor agreement

CABAS: Update to 64-bit client

Starting from this release, CABAS is being updated to a 64-bit application. We are doing this to improve the performance and reliability of the system.

To run the 64-bit version of CABAS, your operating system has to support 64-bit applications. If you are having problems, a 32-bit version is still included in the installation, which you can find by searching for “CSP (32bit)” on your computer.

CABAS: New data source for vehicle information

Starting from this release, we are introducing a new data source for basic vehicle information (AutoDAP). Based on the vehicle’s VIN code, the following information will be available for all brands that are included in CABAS VIN code filtering/CABAS Parts Catalogue:

  • Vehicle model
  • First registration date (only available for Finland and Estonia)
  • Any equipment package
  • Body type
  • Fuel type
  • Colour name
  • Colour code

This will help you to choose the right CABAS model and get the right colour information.

The new function works for sheet metal and glass calculations.

CABAS: New subcontractor agreement

To increase the transparency of subcontracting, we are introducing a new area of functionality in CABAS, namely the subcontractor agreement. In future, connecting the subcontractor to the main workshop will always require the addition of a subcontractor and the establishment of a subcontractor agreement. The subcontractor agreement is part of the transport cost agreement and it has three parties

  1. The workshop
  2. The subcontractor
  3. The insurance company.

All parties have to approve the agreement in order for the subcontractor link to enter into force. If there is no need for a transport cost agreement, a subcontractor agreement can be drawn up without a transport cost charge. More detailed instructions and an instructional video can be found on the CABAS support page.

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