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MEPS for craftsmen

Keep track of your costs, avoid price discussions and increase profitability. MEPS helps you manage your finances with reliable calculations and participate in effective, profitable collaborations with both individuals and organizations.

Händer lägger golv

Understand where you make money

With the MEPS calculation, you take control of your own profitability. You can clearly see from the start of the project that you will make ends meet, because in the calculation you report and charge for each work step you perform - not the time it takes to perform it. If something is added, you simply add it to the calculation. You see where you are making money and can use those insights to guide your contracts and increase profitability.

Get an overview and be one step ahead

In MEPS, you get involved early in the assignments and can prepare and plan. As many others in the industry are still working on an ongoing basis, you can stay one step ahead by becoming better at planning and having an efficient workflow. You get access to reports, photos, chat and notes related to the assignment and can thus stay updated. You can also start your own structured assignments.

Avoid discussing price

There is seldom a fuss about costs since everything is so clear in the MEPS calculation. It is detailed and easy to adjust if changes occur during the project. You see where you make money, can report in detail what you have done and charge for all the work you do.

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