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Boka Doktorn

From left; Patrik Johansson, Marisa Sales, Mikael Skiöldhake, Andreas Nilsson och Oscar Hallberg. The photo was taken in Gothenburg in 2010 on Vasagatan where Boka Doktorn had its first office.

Boka Doktorn grows with staff and functionality.

The Chalmerist student Oscar Hallbeg, then 25, saw an advertisement in the magazine in 2006 where a startup sought help with development. He saw an opportunity to work extra during his studies and contacted Patrik Johansson.

Oscar further developed the platform and built a good foundation for adding new functionality that could offer more than one booking system.
They both did not know then that the platform would one day become Sweden's leading platform in handling cases from private health insurance.

Soon the company grew into a team of 5 people, each with clear goals and assignments. To create real value for customers by shortening multiple manual stages in the administration of booking and document management.

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