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Your available times can refer to appointments in person, by phone and by video. The patient simply chooses the form of appointment that suits him or her,and concludes the booking by describing the reason for the appointment under the heading “Symptoms”.

Booking av digital care.

BDC Care can be used for digital care of private and health insurance patients.
The booking flow proceeds seamlessly, regardless of whether the booking is made by you, the patient or the insurance company. Insurance companies can book one of your available times for video consultations directly via Kuralink, while your private patients book their appointments via the web appointment book. Regardless of how the booking is made, the appointments are registered in the BDC Care calendar by means of direct integration.

The web appointment book

Our web appointment book service is included in the BDC Care offer. This means that you receive an online calendar where you publish your available appointments, which can be booked by your private patients.
In addition to managing their booking, the patient can give a description of their symptoms in a safe and secure manner. You can make the web appointment book accessible via a link, which can be applied to a button on the website or be displayed in full.

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